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Details Zoo Monster Hunter Rise: Version 2.0

Details Zoo Monster Hunter Rise: Version 2.0

During today’s livestream, Capcom released the details of the update 2.0 for “Monster Hunter Rise”. The whole thing will be available for download on April 28, 2021 at 2:00 AM, and you can find the appropriate trailer to get started. As confirmed, version 2.0 includes Chameleon, Theostra, Kushala Dovora, Apex Rattalos and Apex Diablos. Update 3.0 was also announced to be released on May 2021. Includes new monsters and new endings.

New monsters

  • Chameleons
  • Teestra
  • Kushala Tavara
  • Apex Rattlos
  • Apex Diablos

Constant searches for apex monsters

  • Some apex monsters get their own quality quests.
  • You escaped the riots to wreak havoc in various places!

Magnumlo appears in frantic searches

  • The main monster of this game, McNamalo, now appears during frantic searches.
  • Use hunting facilities to protect the village or face the beast directly!

Open your hunter ranking range and challenge new monsters!

  • Until now your Hunter ranking was limited to 7, but this limit will be removed when you upgrade to Ver.2.0; Depending on your progress in site searches.
  • If the limit is removed, you will receive hunter ranking points after each search.
  • As your hunter quality increases, searches will appear with newly added monsters.
  • You also get access to new challenge quests, arena quests and difficult quests for individual players.

Open your hunter ranking range and create decorative armor!

  • Once you have removed the border, it is possible to create a decorative shield. This allows you to change the look of your character without sacrificing the skills and figures of your real armor.
  • Hunting is good if you have a sense of fashion!
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Lots of free event searches!

  • After installing the free Ver.2.0 title update many event searches will be available for download from the Internet.
  • Once you’ve downloaded Event Search, you can run it offline; Whenever you want. There will also be event searches that will reward you with gestures and stickers!

The complete changelog for Update 2.0 can be found in Official site.