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"Miserable summer", Italy condemns itself an autumn pain - Libero Codidiano

“Miserable summer”, Italy condemns itself an autumn pain – Libero Codidiano

The Delta variant It is threatening Europe and especially Great Britain, where it is taking advantage of a total reopening of epidemics: nearly 30,000 people have been registered in the last 24 hours compared to 37 deaths. Fortunately, the latter number is much lower because the vaccination campaign in the Boris Johnson-ruled country is at an advanced stage: the level of protection in both sizes reaches 95 percent.

What is happening in Great Britain should also turn off a warning bell in Italy, where the delta variant will soon dominate and nothing can be done to avoid it. Guest In the airLa 7, broadcast by David Barenzo and Concida de Gregorio Matteo Pacetti Speaking on the theme: “In August this variation will be as major as it is in the UK today. We need to invest in the vaccine: if 80-85% of Italians are vaccinated in October we can be quiet, Otherwise the situation will be very painful”.

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The epidemiologist appealed to the general public and especially to teachers, more than 200,000 have not been vaccinated: “For the past year and a half, the school has not been like that. We want our children to come back to a safe school. To do this, not only children but also teachers need to be vaccinated. This summer has been so pathetic, Without taking a clear stand, there is an enormous responsibility of politics to fluctuate in vaccines. I did not expect that, “said Bassetti.

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