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No one knows about these 3 plants with beautiful flowers that can withstand the heat

No one knows about these 3 plants with beautiful flowers that can withstand the heat

Being on a balcony or garden that is colorful and always blooming is truly a dream. Bright colors bring a good mood and help to create the right atmosphere in our homes. Not to mention the fact that a house with empty balconies loses its charm. So choosing plants to decorate balconies and gardens is a basic step. You need to know their flowering cycles and their resistance to different temperatures.

Geranium and lavender are not the only ones for colored balconies

These two types of plants are definitely the most common with jasmine. Thanks to their excellent resistance to high temperatures and annoying sun. However, there are very few known varieties, but still incredible. Today we present three of ProiezionidiBorsa staff. Ideal for those who love balconies and gardens that are always lively and enviable.

No one knows about these 3 plants with beautiful flowers that can withstand the heat

To begin, let’s talk about a plant with light-colored flowers. Its colorful funnel-shaped flowers are a real treat for the eyes. This plant is ideal for a summer plant. It blooms from June to September and prefers direct sunlight. The flowers can come in a variety of colors from pink to yellow or blue. But the special color of a plant with light colored flowers is red. Aside from being a perfect ornamental plant, a plant flower with light colored flowers has many benefits. We have already talked about it in this article. “Fight the elderly with the power of cultivating a plant with light colored flowers”.

Periwinkle or hit

Thanks to its exceptional resistance to heat, it is very easy to grow. It adapts well to any type of soil and does not require much water. It grows on shrubs with blue flowers. There is a color that takes its name from this plant. But you can find more varieties with flowers in shades of pink. It is an incredible decoration and can also be used in hanging pots.

To complete Platycodon. Its flowers, a cross between a star and a small bell. They are wonderful in decorating our balconies. They have numerous flowers that are perfect for flower beds. Beautiful and very swollen flowers have earned the nickname ‘balloons’ in the UK.

So, no one here knows these 3 plants with beautiful flowers that resist heat. In summer we focus on these plants on a super colorful balcony. And without much effort!

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