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Power Toys for Windows 10 updated to version 0.37 -

Power Toys for Windows 10 has been updated to version 0.41.3

The latest update to version 0.41.3 is now available for download from GitHub for Power Toys for Windows 10. This update is a patch release to fix an issue in 0.41.2, which Microsoft has determined is important for stability based on user feedback. Microsoft previously released version 0.41 with stability updates and updates, general bug fixes, access improvements, and support for integration with the new, community-led Awake program, which now allows power users to keep their computers awake if they wish. Microsoft includes various functional extensions, upgrades, and enhancements for the Awake, Color Picker, Fancyzones, File Explorer add-ons, Image Resize, Power Rename, PowerToys Run, Settings, Welcome to PowerToys, Shortcut Wizard and Installer. . The update for version 0.41.3 can now be downloaded from the official website of the open source project at GitHub. More information about this update can be found below or through Microsoft.

Download -> Download Power Toys for Windows 10 from GitHub

PowerToys version 0.41.3 for Windows 10 is now available for download:

Version 0.41.3 includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • This is a link output to fix the issue at 0.41.2 which we considered to be important for stability based on user feedback.
  • Our goals for the V0.39 Release Cycle and the v0.41 Release Cycle include stability updates and updates, common bug fixes, access improvements, and support for the new community-led program Awakening integration, which allows Power-users to keep the system awake now!

GitHub -> Microsoft PowerToys for Windows 10 in Overview

Microsoft PowerToys is a set of Windows 10 customization applications used to customize and enhance the Windows 10 user interface to increase productivity. This new version, inspired by the PowerToys program from the Windows 95 era, gives power users the opportunity to use the Windows 10 shell more efficiently and adapt to personal workflows. You can download the latest version of PowerToys for Windows 10 from GitHub.

Via Microsoft