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Power between PS4 and Xbox Series S, Games in 4K with DLSS

Power between PS4 and Xbox Series S, Games in 4K with DLSS

On the pages of the Reset Era, self-styled people from the Kyoto home shared another rumor Nintendo Switch Pro Provided further details on what the theoretical power provided by the hardware of the Japanese company’s next hybrid console would be.

New rumor train has shared Z0m3le e Natehead Taking a note from information obtained from unspecified internal sources a Nintendo and Nvidia. According to their rumors, two leaks are believed to be in the process of defining Santa Clara’s technology company and Super Mario’s house. Final specification of Switch Pro, A console for locals referring to the “Midgen fix” of the current Nintendo Switch model.

According to rumors, the power of the Switch Pro will be between the PlayStation 4 (basic model) and the Xbox Series S. Third rendering profile In addition to the mode titles currently used by developers Docking The Small. This third profile should be used Offer games at 1440p (Hypothetical screen resolution), but optionally Follow DLSS’s Nvidia technology on the switch To make a “smart” upgrade and ensure a gaming experience 4K with TV.

At the end of their talk, both leakers believe that Switch Pro should be considered on a technical level, so in terms of performance, “A PS4 DLSS is a more responsive and more powerful CPU”. Anyway, we invite our followers Carry the pliers Consider these types of blinds and what they are, especially in light Furukawa’s latest reports on the future of the Nintendo Switch.