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Postponement for one year is a decision that puts players ahead of everything -

Postponement for one year is a decision that puts players ahead of everything –

Joseph Staten, Creative Director The halo is infinite, Returned to speak in an interview with that year Postponement of the game, Mostly it was a choice he had Stop the players in everything, Including money.

The original plans were to co-publish Hollow Infinite Xbox Series X ES, As Microsoft has repeatedly said and proven by the console’s marketing campaign, in which the new Hollow was the most, but received the most negative reactions from the game’s first game players shown last year, which pushed developers and publishers. On recommendation.

Staten: “There was great pressure to be on course. I think this is a wonderful example of how the Xbox Leadership did the right thing for fans and gamers, even if it hurt them and had costs to pay. This is a decision that prioritizes gamers and I am proud that my studio and Xbox created it.

In another interview, in this case with, Staten revealed how time is Additional development Hollow Infinite was great because it allowed it to run better on all platforms: “There are many examples I can do, which is not sure if it runs well on all platforms. We promise to follow certain policies for campaigning and multiplayer, and then follow a few important goals.

The Multiplayer mode Hollow is already available for free playing on Infinite’s PC and Xbox consoles. There Campaign single player Instead, it will be launched on December 8, 2021 on all platforms, with the co-operative system to be followed next year.

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