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Postomobile switches to Vodafone network (getting worse)

Postomobile switches to Vodafone network (getting worse)

Switching to PosteMobile Vodafone

Postomobile has decided to reuse the Vodafone network. An important step is bringing many objections from the virtual operator and the virtual client. MVNO network columns are not always simple, especially when you have large subscribers who do not approve of the company’s choice. The risk is always losing users. Postmobile has chosen to use the Vodafone network as MVNO. The reasons why the Post team chose Red Manager again are not very clear, but in this post we will try to explain all the changes in Postmobile and its related effects.

But why is Poste switching to Vodafone?

Since PosteMobile is a virtual operator, which means it does not have a proprietary network, it may decide to enter into an agreement with an all-round telephone operator using its network. National roaming. However, we do not know the economic agreements between a company and a telephone operator.

However, we know that MVNOs are obviously more powerful and can transform contracts and networks. Great company. Kana and Ho Vodafone and Tim’s creatures exploit their respective companies’ networks. However, for all other MVNOs, the choice is free and will vary according to established agreements. I have to say that Postemobile is familiar with Vodafone.

How to switch from PosteMobile to Vodafone

What should PosteMobile customers expect? How does switching to Vodafone happen? The transition to the Vodafone network on Postmobile is gradually taking place for older customers, while newer ones are connecting directly to Vodafone. In early summer, the network connection and the deal with Vodafone officially began, as mentioned earlier, which did not make everyone happy. There are many users who report network issues after switching from WindTre to Vodafone.

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However, customers do not have to do anything, it can be said that this is a function involving both companies for a completely automatic transition. In case of any problem, set the flight mode to one minute and then return to normal network or restart your mobile phone.


We mentioned mobile virtual operators a while ago. So it is good to explain the difference between full MVNO and ESP MVNO. This is because it has a different influence on network columns. In order not to confuse you, we will call them Full and ESP. As the most advanced version of ESP says, they can offer their own SIM and manage their entire site freely. For this reason, in the case of FULLs, the passage of the network takes place quietly between companies without directly engaging customers.

ESPs, on the other hand, are usually small managers, forcing the customer to change the SIM in the event of a network change, similar to the process number portability. Postomobile switched from Vodafone to Wind at the beginning of its career, forcing its users to be portable. Today PosteMobile is a complete MVNO so many of its users can manage network columns directly without interruption.

What should a postmobile customer do when switching to this Vodafone? Simply nothing. If there are any difficulties due to network signal and coverage, the Poste team will take care of the connection with Vodafone remotely and the customer will be relieved of any work.

But which is better for postmobile customers: Winterey or Vodafone?

As we often say, there is no objective data on network coverage, especially in an area like ours, which is devoid of network coverage issues with mountains, cities and rural areas. Each zone is unique, always check the signal in your home and ask the neighbors who the telephone operator is who you are interested in, otherwise you can do something and check yourself. Speed ​​selection.

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Postmobile, as mentioned, is not new to changes in the support network. If we go and look at its history, it was introduced with the Vodafone network, and then it automatically went with the single Windre network called Wind and Tre with the Wind and Tre connection. Of course, all of these changes can confuse customers and create some dissatisfaction, especially among players.

Postmobile SIM buyers will now connect directly with Vodafone. To clarify, however, we remind you that Postmobile is a completely autonomous telephone operator. From the SIM post, from the top-up post, from the post telephone offers. Vodafone has nothing to do with the postomobile customer’s payment plan or phone top-ups.

Postpay application

Almost all phone companies have an application to check all the information related to your payment plan. As we said a while ago, PostMobile customers should have a reference post group for every type of activity: post office, webpage for those who want to go in person, but more convenient (especially if you have a Connect SIM phone Plan + Evolution Card) application. PostePay where you can view your accounts and all the information on your SIM card.

On your smartphone and tablet, you can top-up your SIM online, manage the rate plan and offers from the comfort of your own home. As far as network coverage is concerned, it is up to you to let us know how it goes and if you notice any changes for better or worse. What do you think of this passage of Postmobile from the Winterey network to Vodafone? Are you a postmobile customer? Have you experienced poor coverage?

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