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Poseidon News - Fabio Fusco's incredible shot, Le Gully glowing with a lightning bolt

Poseidon News – Fabio Fusco’s incredible shot, Le Gully glowing with a lightning bolt

Poseidon News – Fabio Fusco’s incredible shot, Le Gully glowing with a lightning bolt

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Chronicles, news, lifestyleFabio Fusco’s incredible shot, Li Gully glowing with lightning

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Fabio Fusco’s incredible shot, Li Gully glowing with lightning

The magic of lightning that illuminates the night in Poseidon was captured by the Poseidon photographer

(Admin) Written, September 4, 2021, Saturday, 7:49:54 AM

Last Updated on Saturday, September 4, 2021 8:26:48 AM

Suddenly a bolt of lightning tore through the sky They gully In Positano. Waiting for him Fabio FuscoGet ready with his camera to make that moment eternal.

We use words like “incredible”, “amazing”, “extraordinary” to describe the image of the best beauty. It happens before such a shot and the words suddenly fail.

Lack of ability to describe the prolonged moment of lightning strike time, dedication, patience and dedication can ruin this weather event.

We are accustomed to the entrepreneurial shots of Poseidon, an avid photographer, but we are constantly amazed by his shots: the true power of nature.

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Written by Eugenio Mandel

“Lightning that candies
Trees and wall and surprise them in it
Instant eternity. “

To illuminate Gully and Poseidon, is the same eternity that Fabio gave to this lightning that fell this September night.

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