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Port opened: Maritime surveillance unloads migrants there

Port opened: Maritime surveillance unloads migrants there

There is Tropani The Porto Marine Surveillance 3 is safe with 257 Immigrants The ship received a green light from the Interior Ministry today and the German flag-flying NGO immediately announced on Twitter: “Especially after the difficult night on board, due to the sea conditions, we are glad to know that the 257 people rescued will be able to disembark soon. They had a decision in the Sicilian ports of Italy, again, He saw another immigrant, unloaded by voluntary charities, managing another visit.

Considering the precedents, Epilogue somehow agreed to warm the spirits within the league: “There are two foreign NGOs – the leader of the Northern League wrote in a post on Twitter, Matteo Salvini – Ocean Viking and Sea Watch 3, which are in foreign waters and with approximately 800 people. If another illegal immigrant came to Italy, there would be someone who did not know how to do their job. A clear look at the home minister Louisiana Lamorgis Today, after Sea Watch 3, the former head of the Interior Ministry increased the dose: “We are not really about immigrants, because there are no Lamorges. “.

As usual, once the immigrants disembark at the port of Tropani, they will be taken to a reception center in the Milo district. There they will be photographed, identified and subjected to laryngeal swabs to detect Govt positive cases. Then, their next destination will be decided. In the meantime, we are waiting to understand what it is Rule Ocean Viking, with 553 migrants, French NGO Sauce Mediterranean and Norwegian flagship. His intentions were precisely to dock in an Italian port. Another ship that could soon kill immigrants is Geo Parents of Doctors Without Borders, and the Norwegian flag flies. The boat moves closer to Tunisia after the alarm phone starts reporting small boats loaded with immigrants. Italy, and more Alone In context European context When it comes to the diaspora event, it counts the scariest figures today. They are from January 1 to today 30.581 Foreigners landed on our shores during the same period last year compared to 14,832. Almost double. With the figures on hand, being ahead of Italy is definitely not a rosy period because the attendance continues.

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