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Pop-up ads: Google bans 164 apps

Pop-up ads: Google bans 164 apps

Google recently removed 164 Android apps from its Play Store because they were called “out of context” advertising for users.

These are ads that appear as pop-up windows outside of actual applications and sometimes fill the entire screen. Google banned such ads last February.

“Ads that appear outside of apps are a huge annoyance to customers who are constantly overwhelmed by ads anyway. With an Android phone, Google is quickly the main culprit, so these actions are understandable. Applications You have to follow the rules of the App Store because they are very carefully tested there and if they are violated they are quickly banned, “said Joseph Bichmeyer, CEO of Icarus Security Software, in an interview with PressText.

In early February, Google banned 600 apps from the Play Store as part of a ban on pop-up advertising, but many developers have been using similar ads ever since. In June and October, 38 and 240 applications were withdrawn from the offer.

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