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Pokemon Wonder is a real forest where you can find cute little monsters -

Pokemon Wonder is a real forest where you can find cute little monsters –

It is set to launch in Japan Pokemon Miracle, A The forest At 4,500 square meters you can see the cute little monsters of the Pokemon Company. Natural attraction is part of the playground Yomiuriland, Is located on the outskirts of Tokyo and challenges fans to find as many creatures as possible.

Upon entering Pokemon Wonder, the observer is introduced as part of Professor Curaோao’s research team பிகாச்சு And from professor to gravity. After learning which species need to be researched, you can enter the first part of the forest.

Pokemon Miracle

The place is really interesting: it is a lush area where plants have been grown for twenty years (obviously with some changes to make it an area accessible to visitors).

Returning to the forest one finds a reproduction of more than fifty species of well-hidden Pokemon among the trees and shrubs. To assert ownership Atmosphere, A maximum of two teams can enter the jungle at a time, with six people each. Each team has 90 minutes to find the Pokemon. After the first part the two teams are separated: one is sent to the bamboo forest and the other to a walled area belonging to some ancient civilization.

Pokemon Wonder will open on July 17th and will remain open until April 3rd next year. It is possible if you want Book tickets online.