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How to download YouTube video to watch offline?

How to download YouTube video to watch offline?

Downloading a YouTube video is easy to watch offline, for example on a flight. We explain how to do this on smartphone and computer.


Downloading YouTube and videos is a complicated story. Use of the service was initially restricted, and downloading videos is now possible for subscribers to YouTube Premium. However, there are several back door options: we explain all of these to you.

Download YouTube Video with YouTube Premium

If you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you can download any video from Google’s popular video site… from your smartphone or tablet. In the browser, this option is unfortunately not available, which is a shame for those who want to watch videos offline from the computer. But we will get back to that.

For those who are premium subscribers, therefore, downloading the video is very easy. To do this, open the video in question from your app on Android or iPhone and you will see the “Download” button located between “Share” and “Save”. Click on it and it will ask you to select a pop-up download quality (144p to 1080p, even if the video is available in high definition).

When the download is complete, you will find the video in the downloads section of your library. Please note, these videos are only available for 30 days. After this time, they must be downloaded again.

This manipulation works on smartphones and tablets, as well as on the Android iPhone and iPad.

Is it legal to upload a video on YouTube?

Aside from this feature provided by YouTube, many people are wondering if uploading videos on YouTube is legal. For good reason, we can read it in terms of using the service. ” You are not authorized to access or reproduce Download Tamil, Distribution, Exchange, Broadcasting, Displaying, Displaying, Selling, Licensing, Modification, Modification or Use of any or all part of the Service or Content: (a) expressly permitted by the Service; (B) Owners, where applicable, with prior permission of YouTube; Or (c) in accordance with applicable law .

So YouTube reserves the right to suspend your account if you violate these rules. However, thatStream tearingPersonal copy is considered by law to be personal. Downloading a YouTube video is completely legal because you can record programs on TV. There are many ways to do this.

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Download YouTube video with VLC

Download YouTube Video with VLC:

  1. Launch VLC on your computer;
  2. Click Average, Then Open Network Stream (CTRL + N);
  3. In the tab Networking, Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to download;
  4. Click According to;
  5. Click Tools, Then Media Info (CTRL + I);
  6. Below, in the Location field, is a URL: Copy it;
  7. Paste this URL into your browser;
  8. Right click on the video Save the video (CTRL + S);
  9. Select a folder and click Registration.

You get a lot of time to watch your favorite video in MP4 format.

Download YouTube video with online services

If you do not have VLC and want to easily download YouTube video from a device that does not have this software, there are also online services to capture the video in a few clicks. Many sites offer downloading YouTube videos and converting them to any format you want. In this little game, there is definitely something very useful Clipconverter, At the same time fast, does not require Flash Player and has a clear interface and is not immersed in advertising.

To do this, all you have to do is copy the URL of the video in question in the “File URL” field of the site and then click the button. keep doing it. You will get a choice of definition and design. You can choose the audio format only if you are not interested in the image (for podcast for example).

To retrieve the URL of a video on a smartphone, all you have to do is share a video and select the “Copy link” option.

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Once the URL is copied to the clipconverter, ” Get started!«, Then press the button Download Tamil. However, if you do not have an ad blocker on the windows, be careful.

Download YouTube videos with a third-party application

On Android, there are other solutions, for example third-party applications. We can cite an example New pipe And Tubemate. These apps aim to transform the YouTube app by providing a different experience, often without ads and with additional services. Be careful though: you need to download and install the APK file that is not always the most secure for your smartphone. To avoid any problems, we advise you to look at the other solutions provided above.

NewPipe and TubeMate operate on the same policy as YouTube Premium. To download a video, search for it in the app’s search engine and then click the “Download” button. By using this type of application on your account, you run the risk of violating YouTube T&C. We therefore advise you not to associate your account with this type of application.

There you go, now you can watch videos Frontroid’s YouTube channel Offline!