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The first photo of the HBO TV series from the set shows Joel's family -

The first photo of the HBO TV series from the set shows Joel’s family –

Actor Gabriel Luna shared a Photography Taken from the set of the series HBO of Last for us. Translator of Luya Joel’s brother; The latter was played by Pedro Pascal, who recently became famous for his role as Mandlorian. Finally, we see Nico Parker as Joel’s daughter Sarah.

You can see in the photo all the actors laughing. None of the adults Traces In this film, but it really isn’t completely random. It actually marks one of the first scenes of The Lost of S game, with Joel and his family fleeing in a car: the position of the characters, in fact, is the one we see in the picture, with Tommy driving., Joel on the side and Sarah in the back of the vehicle.

Anyone who has played The First Lost among us knows what it is Conclusion Of this section. We know the show should follow the game, at least briefly: we hope that such an important scene has not changed.

We also know that Ellie will play Bella Ramsay, Named after Lionna Mormont playing Game of Thrones. Marilyn, on the other hand, will be played by actress Merle Dandridge, who gave the character a face and voice in The Lost of S game.

Staying in this matter, we point out that The Lost of S2 received an amazing 1.09 batch, let’s look at the details.