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Pokemon Sword and Shield: Game Freak Creation – Talks about ntower


Shikeru Omori – Director of the Pokemon Sword and Shield. Omori has been involved in the production of the first Pokமொmon rights to “Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire” and has since directed several titles.

Kasumasa Ivao – Planning leader for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Specializes in Iwao Field and UI planning. In this game he was the head of the planning department and, along with Omori, managed the entire development process.

Change in the planning process for the Pokemon series

In the fall of 2016, after growth Pokemon Sun and Moon When it was over, Omori and a few others began to think about the latest Pokemon offshoot: why not zoom in on Pokemon, as Nintendo Switch can be plugged into the TV and run on the big screen? We had this surprise in mind from the beginning. Iowa, who already exists Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Directed, joined the project in September 2017 with enthusiasm. “What if you gave a Pokமொmon sword and shield to defeat the giant Pokமொmon?” We thought, and since then Omori has decided on the title.

“It is important for us to create an image that makes the best use of the expanded screen by combining it with television. Since the Nintendo Switch can be played at home and outdoors, “How can we integrate games into our daily lives?” We asked ourselves, so we thought about how to make better use of the properties of the hardware. We looked at the planning and design process, ”says Omori. “It simply came to our notice then Pokemon red and green Developed, there was a small group of people who modified the games to improve the quality until before they were released. But now working in 3D, it is inevitable that the team will grow and the same approach will cause confusion. So, in the early stages of the project, we switched to a formal planning and design process with a small number of people. So we were able to consider everything we wanted to implement, including big projects.

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“Generational transformation” to provide opportunities, power and responsibility for the younger generation.

Central theme generation change of Pokemon sword and shield. “We have given jobs to motivated and talented young people and given them the opportunity to improve. We have selected people who can talk to others and create teamwork to achieve the tasks and goals assigned to them. If you are a single player, you can not do a big project like the title of Pokemon rights,” Ivo said.

How did the team, which mainly consists of young people, overcome the difficulties? “Truth be told, we felt we had no knowledge or experience. We stumbled in many places and pointed out unexpected problems with the players involved in the first development of Pokemon Red and Green (laughs). Each time I got advice, I did it.

The culture of selecting young talents has long been rooted in Game Freak. In fact, Murrick was 25 years old when he was appointed director of planning for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, and all the planners were older than him. It is common for GAME FREAK to vary the structure and contributions of each topic.

So we can each give 100%.

What is Omori’s main concern as project leader? Omori looks back. “If the project was about interacting with others, for example, I wanted to make sure everyone could give 100%. For example, for a project about interacting with others, I asked members who like fashion to dress up characters, members who like the game as a game, and members who like cafes as cafes. A lot of people have free ideas. I think games are popular with a lot of people because of that. “

Omori says: “In the future I do not want to start projects with a plan, but with a prototype. We want to start the project not only by planning the project planner, but also by creating prototypes by the designers and programmers. Regardless of work and age, everyone is encouraged to come up with ideas and create as many interesting games as possible. That’s Game Freak.

We will never tire of creating Pokemon. It will never stop.

It has been more than 20 years since the first title of the Pokemon series was released. “When you create a game you think there are 100 points in it, but when you finish, you have new ideas about what’s best to do. But when you’ve done, you’ll get new ideas that could have been done better. The series will continue to change, “said Omori.” I think everyone who owns Pokmon wants to live and breathe in Pokமொmon nature. “

“Every title in the Pokemon series is designed differently. You do not trust the rules of the thumb and you experience the challenge of constantly updating yourself. Doing the same thing over and over again can lead to boredom. But in GAME FREAK we can do something different every time and try new projects so we do not get in trouble. Throughout its 20-year history, the Pokemon series has evolved as generations change, with younger generations repeating their mistakes and successes.