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Pokémon Super Pet Contest: Winners Here: Inside intend Nintendo Connect

Pokémon Super Pet Contest: Winners Here: Inside intend Nintendo Connect

The winners of the Pokemon Super Pet competition were announced and the awards ceremony was screened on YouTube today. Pokémon Company International has announced some exceptional entries to launch Pokémon’s Super Pet competition. The presentation was moderated by Michelle Visage and Pikachu.

The special event created a super competitive show in the games that appear on Friday Pokemon ray diamond And Pokemon glowing pearl Released exclusively for Nintendo Switch systems.

According to our newsletter, 30,000 photos of furless and hairless animal friends of all shapes and sizes were sent in to participate. Fans from the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have sent in pictures of their animal companions for a chance to see in the awards ceremony video and on Pokமொmon’s official channels. Introduced. Following a public poll of 400,000 votes from fans around the world on the Super Pet Contest website, Michelle Visage has selected the following pets. Coach Michael kept an eye out for adorable contributions with brilliant presentation, cool glamor and beautiful demeanor.

  • Category “Smart”:
    • Animal Name: Fish, Country: United Kingdom
  • Category “Cool”:
    • Animal Name: Lil Elsa, Country: USA
  • “Beautiful” type:
    • Animal Name: Flora, Country: USA

The full awards ceremony of the Super Pet competition, including the top four participants in each category, can be viewed here:

Regarding the high quality of the posts, Michelle said:

I know how important all of our dear animal companions are – and the view of all the stunning photos was delightful every day! Without the support of the voting audience, I would not be able to make my decision. Thank you all for showing your deserved enthusiasm to these beautiful friends.

Fans who want to appreciate even more the amazing photo contributions of this exciting campaign can visit the website. Super pet competition View the best posts in each category, and the full gallery of submitted photos and share your favorites.

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