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Pokémon Légendes Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arcius Introduces New Scene, Official Release Date

The Open World Games will be available on the Nintendo Switch early next year. Pre-orders are already open.

If the sympathetic remake New Pokemon Snap Has enjoyed secret success with fans, Pokemon Legends Arcius Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated topics of the next year. Announced during a conference on February 26th Pokemon gift, The open world way The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild No official release date has been provided yet. It is done now. Without warning players, Pokemon has confirmed the official release date of its next RPG. As expected, we will have to wait a little longer Pokemon Legends Arcius Not released until the quarter of 2022, January 28, 2021 precisely. While waiting for the adventure to begin, players can comfort themselves by finding a preview of the game card that will be released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

A feudal chino in 3D

As a reminder, Pokemon Legends Arcius For the first time in the history of the saga, it will be an open world adventure in which players will roam freely in the Sino region, Many centuries before the events of Diamond et Berlin. Unlike the main chapters of the license, the emphasis will be on wars between coaches, Pokemon Legends Arcius This time will draw attention to the study of the Chinno region and the filling of local Pokitex, which should not be underestimated 210 Pokemon, Including the famous Dialca, Balkia, Giordina and Arcius.

While waiting for a new feudal universe to develop in 3D, players can also wait while enjoying the remakes Bright diamond And Bright pearls, Whose release date has been set November 19.

Console Portable Nintendo Switch Lite

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