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Pokémon GO : Ultra Bonus 2021 Partie 2 - Espace

Pokemon GO: Ultra Bonus 2021 Part 2

In its continuation Pokemon GO Fest 2021 And many others’Global Challenge Arena Exclusive Ticket holders, The latter are open Three weeks Of ‘Ultra Bonus 2021 To All players ! The second week is now released, revealing Balkia Chromosome !

Event Description

Event Ultra Bonus 2021 – Part 2: Space Happen from Friday, August 6, 2021 at 10 p.m. In Tuesday, August 17, 2021 at 8 p.m., Local times.

Developed appearances

As with every event, some Pokmon will appear more often Natural, In Egg, In Raids Many more! Here, Pokemon Different places Will be presented.

In nature

In the jungle, you can meet the Pokemon listed below!

7 km in eggs.

At 7 km of eggs at this time, all of the Pokemon below can hatch from these eggs, in relation to this Location !

Eggs and chicks

In raids

In Raids, You can find event-related Pokemon, but Surby U. And especially Balkia They can be captured in their form Chromosome !

Raid wars

1 star tests
3 star tests
5 star tests
Pokemon Balkia-sAvailable in gloss

New Chromatic Pokemon

So, if we summarize New Pokemon Chromosome Integrated in the game, which will give the list below!

Pokemon Scorhino-sPokemon Balkia-s

A method study

A A method study There will also be (less time) meetings with Pokemon Bound in space !

Details of the spot study will be posted here at the start of the event.

Field studies

Some Field studies Allows you to get appointments with some of the event’s Pokmon!

A list of field studies will be posted there at the beginning of the event.

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Field studies

That’s all for now, Stay tuned for Pokலோmon For more information! Do not hesitate to access our file Pokemon GO, Or our page listing all current and upcoming events Pokemon GO !

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