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It is the smallest launcher you can download on Android

Yason Launcher is the new Minimalistic Launcher for Android, which is simple enough to remove widgets from the home screen.

One of the key advantages of Android compared to iOS is its excellent customization capability and launchers are an important tool for customizing our smartphones in this category.

We can find a large number of launchers in the Google Play Store, the most popular of which are the Nova Launcher, Action Launcher and Lancer, but almost all of them are based on the Pixel Launcher, the Google terminal launcher.

Yason Launcher is the smallest launcher in the Google Play Store

However, in recent times we are seeing how another type of launcher is emerging strongly in the American giant App Store: Minimalist launchers.

Of these types of launchers, we’ve talked about some interesting applications like Niagara Launcher, Kiss Launcher or Ratio before, but this time we bring you a little known launcher, but it’s much less than you. Can be downloaded on Android: Yason Launcher.

Yason Launcher is a minimalist launcher that can do even without widgets

Yasan Launcher is a launcher that works with artificial intelligence and analyzes the applications you use most often to display on your device’s home screen. This way, this launcher only shows you a box measuring 4 × 3 on the home screen, with a maximum of 9 apps that you use the most.

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The main feature that makes this the most minimal launcher on Android is that it removes widgets from the home screen and all its options can be accessed from the box on the home screen or via a series of simple gestures.

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So if you tap anywhere on the home screen, all three options of this simple launcher will be displayed at the bottom of the box: Dashboard, Search and App Drawer.

It is the smallest launcher you can download on Android

The first one, called the Dashboard, is located on the left side of the home screen and can also be accessed by swiping to the right, which displays relevant information such as time, day and sound level and the battery of our smartphone. Additionally, in this table you can create application folders that will be displayed horizontally below the folder name, making it easier to find the one you are looking for.

The second option of the Yason launcher is its search, which you can access with a simple up-and-down gesture on the home screen. In doing so, our terminal’s keyboard and a search field will automatically appear at the top, above which our search-related applications will appear. Additionally, on the right side of the search box you will find a direct link to the Play Store.

It is the smallest launcher you can download on Android

The third element of this Minimalist launcher is the Classic of Troops, which can be accessed by swiping to the left as it is located on the right side of the home screen. There we can see all the applications installed on our mobile in alphabetical order so that we can configure both the size of the icons and the way we view these applications.

Note that the boot settings can be accessed from the dashboard panel and the app drawer panel by the gear icon located on the bottom right of the interface.

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This is the best Android launcher you can use if you have a foldable smartphone

Yasan Launcher is a completely free app without ads, which you can download from the direct link to the Play Store that we leave under these lines, with additional functions such as customizing gestures and hiding or editing apps. Purchase time of 10.99 euros.

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