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Last Light

Pocket-sized hospital horror: Nintendo Switch – The last light in my tower was announced

With a little trailer, the little horror became an adventure Last night PC and Nintendo Switch Announced. Although the PC version is due out this month, the exact release date is still pending on Nintendo’s hybrid console on August 26th. We will let you know about this.

In Lost Light you slip with her friends into the role of a young Lumi called “Scare Game”. Its game includes visiting and exploring strange places. The group’s next target, the abandoned hospital, seems to be moving away from previous stations. Soon the horror begins to find Loomi alone in a dark hospital.

The last light is a horror adventure from an isometric perspective. Armed with lanterns and candles you wander through the dark corridors of the clinic. During your terrifying journey, you will find numerous clues that provide information about what happened there in the past and what horrible creatures the orphanage serves as a home. Below the text you will find the announcement trailer mentioned at the beginning.

Are you going to travel to a dark hospital?

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