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PlayStation Plus: Games in April 2021!

PlayStation Plus: Games in April 2021!

Once again we have a new month, with a new line of topics available as part of the PlayStation Plus subscription.

Hard to believe, but we have already reached April 2021 and are already heading towards the summer months – although it doesn’t really feel like it due to the weather. But it’s not that bad, because we’ll have the best chance of throwing ourselves into the PlayStation Plus games for April instead!

As we get used to, we have games in this order that should satisfy a wide range of players. All titles will be available from April 6, with only differences between the sites where the games will be available.

On top of that PlayStation 5 First we look forward to the action platform Ad World: Soulstorm. Heir is about creating your own team because you will soon realize that not all puzzles and problems can be solved without support.

In the PlayStation 4, on the other hand, things get tough because we have to fight for our survival as the days go by and take care not to let the zombie gangs swallow us up. We have the opportunity to change our weapons and thus turn ourselves into a strong enemy.

However, if the zombies within themselves are not enough for you, Zombie Army 4: Dead War may be right for you. Here we may have to deal with the living undead again, but we must be careful about the undead Nazis. It is good that this task is not only given to us, and we can count on the help of three friends.

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