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Casio G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000, Manufacturer's First Wire OS Smartwatch

Casio G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000, Manufacturer’s First Wire OS Smartwatch

Casio is no stranger to the world of connected watches. The manufacturer has already introduced several models G-Shock Rangeman GPS, A solar-powered clock or its pro-trek range. But this is the first time that Casio has taken root OS with its Casio G-Squad Pro GWS-H1000. A watch that offers – this is a habit for Casio – especially with a high level of security.

The GWS-H1000 features a 1.2-inch dual-display display with 360 x 360 px resolution. What is special about the dual display is that the two screens are exaggerated to increase the autonomy of the clock. Here, both screens are LCD type, one color and the other monochrome, when this technology is typically used with at least one Old screen.

This watch has a metal and uranium case and titanium back panel. It also offers 20 bar resistance and water resistance, i.e. it can withstand harsh water activities such as oxygen-free diving, diving or surfing.

On the sensor side, the GWS-H1000 offers integrated GPS, altitude sensor, pressure sensor and of course heart rate sensor, all of which can be expected to be very accurate. Specially intended for sports, this watch ignores health sensors such as oxygen saturation or heart rate monitor. It has Bluetooth 4.2, but with Google Pay, Google Fit and Google Assistant.

The manufacturer did not provide any information regarding this Chipset Or RAM. The watch will retail for 99,699 in the United States, and it is not yet clear if Casio plans to launch it in other countries.

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