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Will this include the role of Japan Studio? -

PlayStation only works with blockbusters, not with Indy, the question expands – Live 4.Life

The problem in between PlayStation He Independent developers Sony turns most of its investments into blockbuster headlines, removing funds from groups dealing with smaller studios, worsening support and creating conflicting scenarios, which means more sales on sites with less installation. Foundation.

That is to say, following the recent revelations, starting with the explosion of Ian Corner, it was Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier who tried to explain the origin of the subject.

A reporter who already touched on the matter in April said Sony has been prioritizing blockbusters at the expense of runners-up in recent years. From a financial standpoint, the choice turned out to be successful, but relations with small firms inevitably deteriorated, reaching the eruption of recent days.

According to Matthew White, a small publisher of Whitern Games, sometimes it takes days for Sony to respond to simple requests, which is a sign that there are very few people to deal with the Indies. So the problem is not only the fitting in the PlayStation Store, which is fundamental in any case, but also the direct relationship with the platform owner, which has become difficult to manage Sony 30% royalty on each copy sold.

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