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PlayStation games on PC will soon be running on 1080p

PlayStation games on PC will soon be running on 1080p

Sony is now donating an important update to the PlayStation: the resolution has been significantly improved.

Sony is upgrading its cloud gaming service

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Sony has announced that it will launch support for 1080p streaming games “this week”. The “release” will take place in Europe, the United States, Canada and Japan in the next few weeks.

This is good news for PC owners: if you do not have a PlayStation 4 or 5, you can easily play many PlayStation games on the PC. So far you have had to be satisfied with the streaming quality of 720p, which is bad compared to GeForce Now or Google Stadia. Switch now with 1080p and the PlayStation Now will become more attractive.

PlayStation is now

Three subscription options
Available: 9.99 euros per month, 24.99 euros every 3 months and 59.99 euros every 12 months. Subscribers now have access to more than 700 games, which can then be played on the console or computer via the cloud. You can download the games from the consoles and play them in their original quality. A computer requires DualSense or DualShock 4 wireless controller.

Now you can choose which games are included with PlayStation

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