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PlayStation - 9 games to download for free as part of Play at Home

PlayStation – 9 games to download for free as part of Play at Home

The most fantastic selection of topics.

Last year, when I started figuring out what locking was, Sony Run an activity to support players on duty to be close at home. Appreciated, the latter allowed the brand to do a good deed. It’s a good thing that Sony started again this year in order to help maintain the social distance, unfortunately today, more than necessary …

So, at the end of February, it was promised to provide more free games than last year to support players in this endeavor. So, today we will find those who follow in the footsteps of the most sympathetic Ratchet & Clang.

The selection of independent titles announced by Sony is very pleasant and promises a lot of hours of gaming: ABZÛ, Enter the porridge, Res is infinite, Subnatica And Witness

In addition to these five titles, Sony also offers a series of games dedicated to virtual reality, so there are four good titles that you will need to own to explore the PlayStation VR: Astro Bot rescue mission, Moss, Thumbar And Paper beast, Which eventually brings the total number of free titles to nine. Nine titles that can be added to all sports libraries from March 26th to April 23rd.

Another point of interest for fans of Japanese animation is that, as expected, Vaganim will offer a three-month free trial period to any new subscriber who subscribes to the slot innovation offer.

Finally, keep in mind that the Gospel is on the agenda and will be available for free download from April 19th to May 15th. Harrison Zero Dawn In its full version. A great opportunity to discover / rediscover Aloy’s promising journey into the exciting post-apocalyptic world of gorilla games, with its sequel still scheduled for 2021.

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