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PlayStation 5: Sony buys the next studio

PlayStation 5: Sony buys the next studio

After Housemark, Sony took itself to the next studio – Nix. Hermann Hulst, Head of PlayStation Studios, in an interview with the British publisher of GQ News There is no “arms race” with other companies Looking to acquire studios. Access for PC gamers from the Nix is ​​very exciting because the Dutch are experts in this business.

The main projects in Nixes so far have been mainly PC implementation of Square Enix games. Tomb Raider, Dias X, Hitman, Legacy of Cain – these are the Sonarus brands you have worked on and you have been instrumental in the most successful PC implementation. This suggests that Sony now wants to use this expertise for its own projects. The Japanese had made it clear that trips for PC players via Steam were financially successful, despite somewhat older games and somewhat simpler boarding. One wants to preserve this income for a long time.

So it makes sense to add a studio to your portfolio so you can do it right away, even halfway through. Today the hardware of consoles is much closer to personal computer x86 technology than ever before, and it is increasingly console-exclusive to exclusive games, i.e. it does not appear on Xbox or PlayStation. Die-Hard PC players can not be forced to buy a console anyway – you can stream games with a respectable distance after the console is released – Microsoft shows it.

Always owned by someone who buys and someone who sells. Knicks has been quiet lately, and the house and courtyard Client Square Enix didn’t stop there for the big project known to the public as it has in the past. Maybe you started a conversation. After all, Hulst says he had a lot of respect for the Nixes. You may hear Nixes say that it will help start-up studios to keep their games even better for release. It’s not clear how much it will end up on the computer – “We’re still in the early planning stages,” Hulst responds, also stressing that the PlayStation would be a great place to enjoy first-rate games. “But we appreciate PC gamers, let’s see when is the right time for startups.”

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You can already explain that the PlayStation ports should be better between the lines and, if delayed, may come on the computer. One or the other ownership will be permanent on the console – Gran Turismo, for example. You were with each other with Housemark Days had already secured a studio, Which successfully modified PlayStation titles for new releases.

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