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For the World Day N7 Day celebrations celebrating the Mass Effect saga, Bioware has released an interesting chart. Selection stats Important and not created by players Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Before proceeding, we would like to warn you that the data below is related to important events in the trilogy plot, so if you want to avoid anything Spoiler We advise you not to continue reading.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

From the statistics, most players chose to play with normal difficulty in the first two episodes (54 and 50%), while casual in the third episode was the most popular (35% against the normal 28%).

At the end of the first game most Shepherd commanders decided To save the congregation (69%), but very few believed in giving responsibility to Udina (6%) as the first human adviser, preferring Anderson (85%) or not making any choice (9%). In the first episode of the series, 15% of players decided not to hire Carousel, one of the most popular characters in the series.

Infographic also suggests Final The Mass Effect trilogy is very popular among players. 45% decided to destroy all artificial life forms, 30% decided to combine all organic and artificial organisms to give birth to new species, 17% decided to control the harvesters, and finally 8% decided not to make any choice.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Bioware Infographic
Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Bioware Infographic

On N7 Day, BioWare also released artwork for the next game in the Mass Effect series.