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Platinum Games Ideas in Possible Star Wars Video Games – ntower

As recently announced, it works Ubisoftin In an open world game in the Star Wars universe. The announcement was surprising as the agreement between Electronic Arts and Lucasfilm for the exclusive development of Star Wars games should remain in effect until 2023. Due to the announcement, of course, the question arises as to whether other games with that brand are planned by other developers.

So, the online newspaper VGC asked in an interview Platinum Games See if they are interested in working on their own Star Wars game if the opportunity arises. Hideki cameo basically had his own ideas, he would like to bring such a game, but at the same time he wonders if these really fit the Star Wars franchise. He adds: “This world offers so much depth and character that it’s almost terrifying to have to create a game like this.”

Atsushi Inaba also initially expresses herself positively: “Working on it would be attractive, it would be a dream, so to speak.” However, he has specific concerns about the feedback coming from fans. He thinks fans will be very upset if Platinum Games works in a Star Wars game.

Even if it seems impossible at the moment, you are proud to hold a meeting Disney Will happen.

What do you personally think: Are Platinum Games suitable for creating Star Wars game?