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Barrierefreiheit: Plastischer Leser für Outlook, OneDrive und Teams

Plastic Reader for Outlook, OneDrive and Teams ›Dr. Windows

The Microsoft Edge browser has a seamless function called “Immersive Reader”, sometimes translated as “Plastic Reader” in the German version. Behind the word that is not spoken much is a filter that highlights the text on a website and hides all areas such as page titles, menus, logos, advertising. This sub-function is to be integrated into other projects in the future.

Immersive Reader is now included in the desktop version of Outlook, Android and iOS, SharePoint and OnDrive. The animation provided by Microsoft shows the functionality with all its possibilities.

Immersed reader in Outlook

You can set a background and font size and define a reading area so that the area around the active line (s) is darker, which is an added help for the visually impaired.

In groups for Android and iOS, chats can be displayed on the high-speed reader, the same applies to SharePoint and OneDrive. Instead of using the word, you can open a text document directly for seamless display.

More information can be found here: High Speed ​​Reader is now available on Outlook Desktop, Teams Mobile, OnDrive and SharePoint – Microsoft Tech Community

Good thing and, does not apply only to those with low vision. As I read longer articles, I am constantly immersed in the Microsoft Edge and switch to the reader, which makes it much easier for me to focus on the essentials.