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Pixel 6 Wallpapers: All 12 wallpapers of the new Google smartphones (gallery) can be downloaded here

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Google recently released a new one Pixel 6-smartphones It was announced two months before the official presentation and has already been shown in detail. The announcement videos include some official Pixel 6 wallpapers. If you want to get the Pixel 6 feel on your smartphone now, you can download all 12 wallpapers here.

Google Pixel 6 Wallpaper Cover

Many smartphone manufacturers offer their own background images for their flagships and Google does not think differently. Each pixel generation gets its own wallpaper identity, meanwhile there are even new wallpapers every month, we offer you to download them again and again. Now the official wallpapers of Pixel 6 smartphones are already in circulation, you can download them and use them in full resolution.

The background images of the Pixel 6 differ significantly from the style of their predecessors because they now deviate from abbreviated representations and rely heavily on the artistic realities of the situation or the stylized stills. We see a woman who has nothing to do with a smartphone primarily with a tennis racket, a fruit basket, a large musical instrument, an ice cream and many other things. In fact, the wallpapers are reminiscent of the new Google Keep wallpapers.

Of course, the wallpapers have not been officially released yet, but XDA developers were able to get them very easily through the Google Wallpaper app. You presented the app as a Pixel 6 smartphone, which has already been delivered to the app. So they come from an official source, though the trick.

Pixel 6 wallpaper

The background images have a resolution of 1440 x 3120 pixels and in this case the most accurate Pixel 6 is suitable for smartphones. Sure, they can be easily compressed or truncated on the pages, but as you can see the camera aperture is attached to most of the pictures in the scene. However, it is well “hidden” in some pictures, so sometimes it does not seem strange on other smartphones. Good examples are bowler hat, singer or music listener.

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As usual, we offer you background images in two ways: once as a gallery on Google Photos, so you can view and download images in full resolution. If you are directly interested in the whole package, just follow the Google Drive link and download the ZIP archive with twelve images in its original format.

Pixel 6 Wallpaper: Gallery (Google Photos) | Download Tamil (Google Drive)

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[XDA Developers]

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