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There are other games not yet announced to be coming on Xbox 2021 - Nert 4. Life

Hollow Infinite, images of menus leaked online –

Hollow is infinite In this case, it will again show itself through some leaks Images Any portrait i Game Menu 343 Businesses for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One e PC.

Apparently these are not official products, so the authenticity is still in doubt, but it seems that they are definitely real. Since this is still a secret material, we can not disclose it, but some pictures have been posted on imgur a This address.

The first picture shows what appears there Main screen In the Start menu, master the CM in front of the new system and start a new one with regular options to continue the game, fonts used in the classic style of the series and general arrangement.

The second confirms the existence of the image Skulls, The previously announced hollow return element into infinity. These are elements that can be seen as collections, but they have an impact on the game, and if implemented, they can alter certain parameters of the game and significantly change the experience.

We see an image taken from a menu below Multiplayer, With the ability to access the mode editor, map, lobby options and servers, an image that represents the Start menu after selecting the “Custom Game” multiplayer mode.

The last film may be that film First choice Absolutely, in the options we see “Campaign”, “Multiplayer”, “Academy”, “Custom Game” and “Forge”, thus confirming the various key categories of Hollow Infinity in a single initial selection.

In Microsoft and 343 Industries games, it was revealed that the beta bot debug was a bug, while the title was recently categorized, which suggests an increasingly specific release in 2021.

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