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Bill Spencer is thrilled to be playing xCloud on his Steam deck |  Xbox One

Bill Spencer is thrilled to be playing xCloud on his Steam deck | Xbox One

Last July, Valve created a surprise with its announcement Steam Tech. A true portable gaming PC, this new device has caused a stir in the gaming community. Although the common man will have to wait until the end of this year and in the worst case scenario to lay hands on the beast in 2022, some lucky ones can benefit from it now.

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Phil Spencer’s son Steam Tech

Among them, we can see Bill Spencer, the boss of Xbox, who posted a photo with a photo on Twitter in which he talks about the new device from Valve. At the very least we can say that the man is happy with his new toy and congratulates the teams in charge of the project. He specifically talks about xCloud and indicates that the service works well.

After using mine for most of the week, I can say that this is a good device. The games I have with me on the go, the screen size, the controls are all great. Playing Halo and Age is fun, xCloud works well. Congratulations to the SteamTech team.

As a reminder, SteamTech runs on the latest version of Steam OS, but it is quite possible to install Windows there, so enjoy the console via Xbox Game Pass PC or Xbox Cloud Gaming. For now, SteamTech is still available for pre-order, but delivery is estimated at Q2 2022.

Available in three versions, it will be priced at € 419 (64 GB), € 549 (256 GB) and finally மிக 679, especially on the highest version equipped with an SSD.

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