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Pierpaolo Pretelli: "Il mio istinto è stato avere un occhio di riguardo per lui"

Pierpolo Britelli: “My instinct is to keep an eye on him” – Big Brother VIP

In the evening Pierpolo Reaches Maria Theresa On the veranda, while the rest of the congregation is busy preparing dinner, the two contestants return yesterday evening, choosing the finals. Pierpolo In difficulty and the competitor confirms his feelings a Maria Theresa.

“Yesterday my intuition was to keep an eye on him” Dice Pierpolo Indicates the choice of the final candidate that led to his selection Zheng instead Tommaso.

“Tommaso manages to separate the game from the emotions. I’m stuck in the bond of affection. I was so torn yesterday.” After asking him he explains to the council that he says “At this point, I believe that any choice is lived with guilt.” He says this path refers to the bonds that have been formed between roommates “We’ll see if they are true.”.

Maria Theresa He goes on to explain his approach to the path, “I maintain a relationship with the forum and all of you” He says, and then continues “There is a friendship with Stefania that is not tainted by the game, we look each other in the eyes and understand each other with Tommaso”. He says as he moves.

Pierpolo Roommate understands and shares words “The bonds created here are the bonds of coexistence, it will not be like that on the outside.” He addresses Stephania It adds to the conversation about the future of the relationship Giulia Out of the house.