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PICROSS S MEGA DRIVE & Master System Edition (Nintendo Switch) - Le test

PICROSS S MEGA DRIVE & Master System Edition (Nintendo Switch) – Le test

With a significant delay of one year and nine months since its announcement, the Pycross S Mega Drive & Master System Edition (also known as the Pygmus S Genesis & Master System Edition) is finally coming to our Nintendo Switch. A tribute version to Seka’s only console, who tried to deceive himself by breaking out of the almost insulting habit of the Bigross S series. Charts, As original idea as it is interesting.

Let’s face it, the Pygmies S Mega Drive & Master System Edition is similar to the Pygmies S6, which was similar to the Pygmies S5 in terms of its dynamics and its overall content. So we as developers will be lazy: our experiment will be just like the others.

what is that ?

First, by the sixth simple redesign of Pygmies, by Jupiter, which now specializes in Pygmies. Speaking of simple iterations, we were treated to two genres in Switzerland other than the “Picross S” series, we co-starred with “Kemono Friends Picros” franchise Kemono Friends (famous owner in Japan) and “Picross” Lord of the Nazareth “manga / anime .Every new game plays the role of new stages and sometimes new modes.

The Picross S Mega Drive & Master System version is part of what is known as the “joint” versions.

Now that the presentation is over, let’s talk about the game mode. What is Picross? A picross, also known as a nonogram, logograph or logimage, is a separate puzzle game (similar to Sudoku) based on completing a stage to create an image. Grids are increasingly complex shapes, up to 5 × 5, 10 × 10, 15 × 10, 30 × 30!

Each row will have numbers next to each column, these numbers will indicate the number of boxes that need to be darkened in a row, and there should always be an empty space between each series of black boxes. For example, in a row of five boxes, I have symbols 3 and 1, so I have to color the first three boxes, leaving one blank and coloring the last.

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Obviously this is very simple, so you have to enter into calculations and reflections: if we take the example of five boxes, if there is only 3 as a symbol I know that my third box will necessarily be obscured (by counting the three squares on the right or left if I take from this, the one in the middle is necessary Will turn black). However I can not finish the rest with this information, so I have to look at my vertical boxes and so on. So we will discuss permanently between the horizontal and vertical lines.

What’s in this BigS S Mega Drive & Master System Edition?

Well the Bigross S Mega Drive & Master System Edition will eventually add nothing new to the saga in terms of gameplay and options. There is no new method here, but a lot of new phases! There are three hundred puzzles for Picras and Mega Picras, one hundred and fifty puzzles for Clip Picras and thirty puzzles for Color Picras. This is a total of four hundred and eighty puzzles. The puzzle set is based on fifty-nine Sega games, all for $ 9.99.

So the Picras mode is the classic mode: you have one hundred and fifty puzzles to solve from the easy 5 × 5 to the very difficult 20 × 15. Completing the puzzles in this mode will open up parts of the puzzle clips, which we will come back to later.

The mega bypass mode is more difficult than the classic mode; You will need one hundred and fifty new picras to solve, and then 7 boxes to be gray in succession without breaking the chain, but this method is in two lines and it is very difficult to calculate often!

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Color Picras mode appeared in previous Picras and is very refreshing: here you will open gifs No more pictures (OK, OK The reward is as useless as ever), however we no longer work on boxes in black, but color! There is no need to leave an empty square here (unless there is only one color in a row), the traces are given by color and sometimes you have to cheat with five colors at the same point! These grids range from 5 × 5 to 20 × 15! The challenge is still tough, but very pleasant and a little confusing in our counting habits.

The last time is clip clip mode, the latter is a big picture made up of small pixels at the end, from very small to very large, it’s nice to see the picture expand as you go, to open the mini clips to reach the mini clips you want to play.

There is no extra mode in the Bigross S Mega Drive & Master System version. No more bonuses if there are other Bigross S games on the console or 30 × 30 levels for this version.

What if I do not know the cross?

If you do not know the game, there are great exercises inside the game, they will explain every game system, every technique, in short everything as the best Picrosser!

In addition, the game allows you to play with or without assistants: you can execute a line, which can guess which line to fill, which is sometimes very useful.

There is roulette at the beginning of the picras, this roulette allows you to fill approximately a few boxes, which will clearly give you an accessible starting point rather than an empty grid. Another option is bug fix, if you inadvertently blacken a box when it is white, the correction will be triggered automatically.

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These aids will cause you to lose the status of “without help” equivalent to a perfect score, but it does not matter: we can improve our time or try again later without help.

It is even possible to count the number of boxes (when you press R), but to make a note of a box with X, if in doubt, you do not want to check this box. .

Important point: Touch is not yet available, but the game is more accessible with a cross or joystick,

Is everything alright?

Well I want to say … if we like Picras … yes! If you are completely gender blind, it will not change your mind. It can’t be too classic.

The music is great and seems to be one of the strong points of this version because it uses themes from Mega Drive. A phase can take you between two and five minutes, sometimes more than fifteen minutes. For example it allows you to play a little game on public transport and you may find that you do more of it and not spend more than an hour on the game.