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Will the DarkSiders 3 come to the Nintendo Switch soon?

Will the DarkSiders 3 come to the Nintendo Switch soon?

The so-called new AAA game port for the Nintendo Switch was accidentally leaked before its official announcement. Although the game in question is completely new or unheard of, its potential arrival on the hybrid console will complete the great trilogy to which it belongs.

Found on the Russian retail site, the latest list for DarkSiders III has been discovered, the third major installment in a long-running action-adventure series. First released in 2018, this title has already come out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Shortly after it was discovered on the Dark Siders III listing site, it was finally removed. The game is scheduled for release on September 30, 2021.

As we mentioned on the Twitch show last night, if the DarkGiders III comes on the Nintendo Switch, the start would not be a shock. In the past, THQ has gone out of its way to bring Nordic Darkiders and Darkcider II to the switch. Additionally, DarkSiders: Genesis came with a switch at the same time as other consoles. In fact, DarkSiders III is the only game currently in ownership that is not in Switch. Therefore, it makes sense for THQ Nordic to try to correct its absence. This game is technically impossible to port to Nintendo’s hybrid console. However, this game is unlikely to see cloud arrival.

If you think this list for DarkSiders III is really accurate, we should get the news about this release soon. If this game hits the switch in September, THQ Nordic will have to announce it in the coming weeks.

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