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Physics Edition of Homerwatch's Epic: Heroes Collection on the Nintendo Switch

Physics Edition of Homerwatch’s Epic: Heroes Collection on the Nintendo Switch

Strictly Limited Games, in association with renowned indie publisher Crackshell and boarding experts BlitWorks, is proud to announce the forthcoming release of Epics of Hammerwatch: Heroes’ Edition in a limited edition box. The critically acclaimed Hammerwatch games and everything you need from the Hammerwatch universe are finally available in a single, physical collection (including the previously released DLC) on the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4 (PS4). Limited edition and special limited edition pre-orders start Sunday, April 17, 12:00 CEST (midnight) only Strictly defined games.

Hammerwatch, the critically acclaimed hack’slash, has finally arrived! Kill the crowd of enemies and explore the environments full of traps, secrets and puzzles. Master 7 classes, including The Sorcerer, are first available on the console, and open up and upgrade his skills. Climb the floors of the Castle Homewatch in a pixelated fantasy environment, individually or collectively. Travel the Desert for Temple of the Sun expansion and survive in 2 new game modes. Gather your friends for an unforgettable massacre!

Heroeswatch Heroes – Ultimate Edition: Encounter countless enemies, traps, puzzles and secrets, then loot. To reach the top of the abandoned tower, traverse the practically created levels. Upgrade them to give your heroes various bonuses. You can even bring these to your friends’ party!

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