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Photographs of Curiosity move scientists

Photographs of Curiosity move scientists

Rover NASA Curiosity has now reached its tenth year on Mars, and despite the recent arrival of the most advanced robot, there is still talk Diligence, Who steals the show. However, during these hours, photos taken by Sky Rover Tuesday Has attracted the attention of scientists. Usually, they explain to NASA that cloudy days are rare on the red planet, with clouds accumulating around the equator due to Mars’ very thin atmosphere. But instead the photos shown by the American space agency show some very unusual images.

The photos show clouds forming earlier than expected, and Curiosity was able to document the event from last January to the present. In the picture you can see the swollen clouds of ice crystals, some of which are very colorful.

Clouds sThey are much taller than usual. Mars clouds are usually no more than 60 kilometers above sea level and are made up of frozen water. But Curiosity Analysts are still high, so are still cool. NASA scientists speculate that this is frozen carbon dioxide, which we call dry ice on Earth.

Further analysis will be required to understand their exact structure. Just like what is happening on our planet, the clouds of Mars will also appear bright at sunset. Precisely this color change helped researchers understand what height they were at. The colorful ones that appear to be made of carpet of pearls are even more amazing.

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