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"Hard Breath", "Unique Experience" ... Crew Dragon's Astronauts Return to Earth

“Hard Breath”, “Unique Experience” … Crew Dragon’s Astronauts Return to Earth

NASA astronauts Shannon Walker, left, Victor Clover, Mike Hopkins and Japanese Aerospace Agency (JAXA) astronaut Sochi Nokuchi, right inside the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft. – CNP / Newscom / Ciba

After spending more than 160 days in space, the astronauts were brought back by the company from the International Space Station SpaceX. They loaded the crew into the Crew Dragon capsule,
Who came to sea, From Florida, overnight Saturday through Sunday. This is the first regular job taken from the ISS by billionaire Elon Muskin. They say.

“At one point, I was telling myself, breathe. Inspired. Because I felt so heavy,” said American Victor Clover, one of the four baptized astronauts. Group-1. “When those cartoon characters face G-Force (acceleration), their faces turn down.” Going down into the water is interesting because none of us know what to expect, “said American Shannon Walker.” In my view, it was a little smoother than coming to land. “

“Unique experiences like departure and return”

“I expected it to be a test, and when it actually happened, it was a little less than I thought it would be,” Victor Clover said during the emergency conference. The weight of the accelerator had accumulated on his “chest” and he described it as “hard to breathe”. But “departure and return are such unique experiences,” he said. “The impact was minimal, after landing, you could feel the waves,” said Sochi Nokuchi of Japan. “We are coming back to the blue planet (…), which is a great feeling. “

The NASA At the end of the space shuttle deal was struck with SpaceX in 2011 to begin launching astronauts back into space from impossible American soil. Until now they had been forced to climb
Russian Soyuz ships, Landing on dry land.

Tourists in space soon

Soon, non-professional astronauts will take their seats on the Dragon for space travel. The astronauts were asked: Can these ordinary humans cope with re-entering the atmosphere in this vehicle?

American Mike Hopkins said: “I think they can take it. When asked if they’re ready to leave, the latter raised his hand first. Victor Clover was not the only one to do so.” Said with a smile.

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