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Philips Proper Maintenance Series 9000 Test: Increases Artificial Intelligence Bill

Philips Proper Maintenance Series 9000 Test: Increases Artificial Intelligence Bill

Yes, the Philips PSG9030 / 20 starts with the Note PSG. You can’t create it! Whatever a simple coincidence, the device we were able to test does everything to score points. If it is too large (5.5 kg empty 22.9 x 28.8 x 49.3 cm), the Batavian brand new combat engine is beautiful. The design takes on specific codes for Philips and treats the feel of a modern, sleek, premium product with copper coating with small parts.

With good capacity (1.8 liters) of removable water reserve, it is 100 ml less than the champion GV 9563 C0 De Calor), PSG 9030/20 is an “unlimited” unit: you can fill the tank without stopping and let the steam generator cool.

Separated from their side storage compartments, the power cords (1.85 m) and steam pipe (1.80 m) are of very constant length. As our numerous steam generator tests have proven to us, it does not take much to ensure adequate washing facilities. A scale collector located on the back of the machine will be used to remove the inside of the tank of its contaminants when the time comes.

Powerhouse’s SteamClite Elite Soul – Philips’ Top-of-the-Range Soul – has a special feature: like the punches that cover the front cameras of many smartphones, it also incorporates a small camera placed inside the 0 hole. Diameter 9 mm. First! Without Philips saying much about the technology behind the lens, we know that this camera is paired with an artificial intelligence level that allows the center to detect laundry and adapt to its temperature. Steam jet accordingly. We do not iron iron silk like jeans or linen.

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The device comes in a bulky box, but was able to remove any polystyrene. Inside, a simple plastic cover covers the center. It can be reused to protect items during transport.