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Philip 6 portable speaker test: JBL scares its bestseller

Philip 6 portable speaker test: JBL scares its bestseller

Although it retains a monophonic design, the Philip 6 differs from its predecessor by two rear speakers with a redesigned acoustic configuration: a Twitter Elliptical loudspeaker for treble breeding and bass and midrange breeding. However, the experience remains the same with symmetrical and powerful sound reproduction.

Adequate and powerful, the sound of the Flip 6 does not betray JBL’s philosophy in any way. Such movement is partly due to the wide travel of the two side passive radiators, which provides a nice extension of the extreme bass to the speaker of such size. Despite the heat, the rendering of low frequencies is relatively accurate. This causes multiple overflows in compounds loaded with bass instruments (wide percussion, bass, double bass, synth pads …). High is not precise demons, for example, which can give a glowing side to horns.

All of these definition worries increase as the volume of hearing increases. Although it is particularly generous, the Flip 6 is difficult to use beyond 60% of the maximum threshold; This is due to kinetic suppression, pass retraction and the severity of the precision problems mentioned above. At high volume, the speaker emits a slight distortion around 150 Hz, which can be very audible if your ears are strained.

This 60% limit may seem weak, but the speaker has the energy reserve, and exceeding this limit only happens in very rare cases. Below, the frequency balance is in order and the rendering is better controlled for a speaker of this size. The voices are very clear and benefit from a good emphasis; The dynamics are very accurate. The dual speaker design may also have raised fears of strong treble directivity, but the Flip 6 works wonderfully by providing a completely uniform spread on the front – the speaker is not designed to extend 360.

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