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Hollow Infinite shows the many nuances of the Zeta ring |  Xbox One

Phil Spencer says Microsoft may have retained stock today Xbox One

As the Xbox celebrates its 20th anniversary and Bungie prepares to blow out 30 candles, Phil Spencer returns to the relationship between the two companies. In this case, the boss of Microsoft’s gaming branch is a little sad and upset to return to a division that probably did not happen with the current aspirations of both parties.

Recovery of all redemption

When Microsoft started racing for home consoles in 2000, it was important to remember that Redmond had no way out of its current ambitions. At the time, so-called Microsoft Games were not suitable for publishing AAA and there were few development studios under their training. Less repercussions than the acquisition of the rarity, the acquisition of the Bungee, will determine the future of the new Xbox to this day.

Xbox – 20 years of history: a brave race against the Japanese giants

Funky and Xbox: Love at first sight

With Hollow Infinite still a few days away, it’s hard not to guess what the owner’s future would have been if Funky had been in development. The studio regained its independence in 2007 and has since become very popular with players Halo3. Since it was in good condition until 2010, developers at Bungie will be delivering episodes Hollow 3: ODST And Hollow Reach, Both were released by Microsoft, which later retains the exclusivity of the copyright process. A Maintenance Recently, Axios’ Stephen Toledo asked Phil Spencer if Microsoft could have prevented him from leaving the bank, and here is his answer:

Can we do that today? I think we can do it. At the time, they had big ambitions. They have sold their business for a certain amount. Hollow saw what happened. They added, “Well, Microsoft has benefited more from Hollow’s success than Funky.” So there is no other story that can be written.

As of now, Hollow Infinite, powered by 343 Industries, is about to be released. The advent of the new chapter of franchise systematically has a certain impact on the fanatics of the Xbox universe. In parallel, Rule 2 Surprises will be available soon to celebrate Bungee’s 30th anniversary Rumor He even mentioned a shortcut with Hollow. Or a new rapport between two ex-partners? If the rumor had been hot this summer, it would have faded recently as Destiny 2 came out Coming soon Game Boss, Hollow Infinite Release Day! A relationship ” I do not love you either One of the most beautiful in the history of the brand it will continue to be in the archives of the Xbox.

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