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PES 2022 Demo: When and How to Download?

PES 2022 Demo: When and How to Download?

This year’s football game is about to undergo a major transformation, and fans can get a taste of the new version months in advance.

Pro Evolution Soccer is one of the most popular football games due to its emphasis on the game rather than the license and graphics.

To whet the appetite of the players, Konami usually releases a demo of the game before the official launch.

This year, Konami released the initial version of the game as a free download to test an online matchmaking system called the “New Football Game Online Performance Test”.

A full demo will follow, but the release notes state that “the game, game balance, production, graphics, etc. will be changed and improved”.

When will the PES 2022 demo be released?

The first version of PES 2022 available for download is the “New Football Game Online Performance Test”, which is a free download and is closer to the beta version of the game than the actual demo.

It was released on June 24th and is expected to be available until July 8th. Download It comes with the warning that it’s not too close to the final version of PES 2022, which is why it’s given such a vague name in the PlayStation and Xbox stores:

“Keep in mind that all game elements (like controls / balance) and visuals are in development. All are subject to change, and many of these elements will be improved in the future.” That being said, we hope this little preview will increase your appetite for the official release! “

PES 2022 Demo runs on which consoles?

The online performance test for the new football game is currently available for download on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One.

There is no downloadable version for PC, but it is expected to be confirmed when PES 2022 is officially announced for PC on July 21st. The online performance test download is only available until July 8th, so you will need to download it before then.

Which teams are part of the demo?

Paid only in 2022

Konami has licenses with Juventus, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United and Bayern Munich, and all of these teams are in the first edition of PES 2022 to download.

If the exclusive license with Juventus, PES is the only football simulation they have, called the Club Pimont Calcio at FIFA, using a fake badge and fake shirt.

What stadiums are in the PES 2022 demo?

The only stadium available at this time is the Football Stadium, but you can choose to play day or night to see the lighting effects of the game.

Terrain and weather conditions are affected or missed, while each cannot be changed for more than five minutes. No extra time or penalties are added, so matches can end in a draw.

Only a quick match is currently available online, which lives up to the beta title of “New Football Game Online Performance Test”.

Download the PES 2022 demo

The online performance test demo of the new football game PES 2022 is being downloaded for free for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One.

The download size is around 6.7GB and is available in online stores on PlayStation and Xbox.

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