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"Personal ambitions do not obscure plans. It is clear which side we are on" -

“Personal ambitions do not obscure plans. It is clear which side we are on” –

In the run-up to the municipal elections in Lono, the center-right coalition is traveling together in support of Luca Lettieri’s mayoral candidacy.

President of the Liguria Region and “Gambiamo!” This emerges from the arrival of the leader. Giovanni Totti at the polling point of the “Berlowano” list is a force that brings all souls under one center under one flag.

The “tense” relationship between the Orange Party and the league’s credit components seems to be behind us, especially since it chose the candidate for mayor. At least in Totti’s words: “I never had any doubts in this matter – The governor said – In fact it was a clash between political personalities, making it clear that plans and ambitions were clear and cohesive before the race began. The team is then built and works in conjunction with the city plan“.

So the regional leader is reducing frictions with the former deputy mayor’s candidacy, which was preceded by a split within the junta Pyknok with the birth of the “mixed group”. One of the members, Commissioner Enrica Rocca, said until recently that if you want to be loyal to Lettieri, “Gambiamo!” This does not apply to Luana Isella, the leading professor of. His name was initially considered a potential candidate for the city’s highest office, and is now in the “Nua Grande Lono” line with Picini instead.

As Sensitivity says it is right for everyone to choose their own path – Totti’s opinion on the matter – I did not chain anyone or prevent anyone from entering. There are those who go and those who return, and it is very clear to me which side I am on and for whom we ask for trust, because individual ambitions should never obscure the general plan of a center-right government that is within its mayoral network. And executives who know how to integrate the uniform design of the region“.

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Therefore, this blessing is entirely in the image of Mayor Luca Lettieri (actually already crowned by the regional president), he asserted. “He can unite the best tradition of past administration by adding something new from his first command“One Party Leads the Alliance”It makes Liguria new, different, efficient and comfortable for those who are always on their side to be enriched by ideas and sensibilities.“.

President Totti is not just a normal presence, but a definite one – Mayor Announces Lettieri’s Candidate Ceremony – Thanks to its council, management can begin important work such as western navigation and the suffocation dam. We want to continue in this line, a municipal administration that is close to the citizens creates actions that do not create words“.