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"Performance of the season so far": Hertha's win against Frankfurt will provide a boost - Sport

“Performance of the season so far”: Hertha’s win against Frankfurt will provide a boost – Sport

Recently there was a meeting at Hertha BSc “at the Cinema” where midfielder Marco Richter called the venue of the event. This is not about a sober conversation with popcorn. Instead, the players and coaching team met in a room at the training ground for video analysis. “We had good, long discussions,” says coach Paul Darday. Richter said it was decided to operate with different midfield pressure at Eintracht Frankfurt there.

Perhaps the game at Frankfurt, Hertha won 2-1, was subject to a detailed video analysis in a different context. Especially the first 45 minutes. At least it was announced by Dardai on Sunday. “When I go back to Hungary and practice training is about pressing the midfield, I show it and say it’s pressing the midfield.”

In fact, Hertha was very different from many previous appearances this season. Sports director Freddie Bobby spoke about “the best seasonal performance ever” after returning to the old workplace.

“From the first second we talked about it being brief, giving in full throttle, accepting duels and then scoring goals,” Richter said after the game. This would be a good starting point for any game, but so far it has only been temporary. This time it worked properly for a while.

Well trained and played well

Hertha played fast forward, forcing the often unresolved opponent to make mistakes. An example of this is a scene in the first half, when the ball came through several stations to Santiago Assaciper and he finished immediately. His shot was incorrect, but the forward attack showed that it was quickly possible.

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Dortoy often sees such strong performances on his team, but so far mainly in training disciplines. “It’s good to not always say we trained well. This time we played well.” It had another positive effect: “When we are perfect, the whole game is a lot of fun,” said defender Nicklas Stark.

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At intervals, guests may have been highlighted with three or four goals – but they did not. Only Richter struck. So, the second half turned out to be a real test in terms of interest and commitment. These were mastered by Hertha’s professionals. First they stayed at the Frankfurt pressure point after the break without conceding a goal, then scored the second goal themselves with a substitute Korgenkelenkamp. They then escaped the final attack of the hosts, which came back after a penalty goal by Gonzalo Pacencia.

Paul Dardai not only coaches his team well, but also enjoys playing better.Photo: Image

“The game is almost over. The penalty is all rewritten. We built the stadium and the unity.” But in the end we got three points. “You can tell throughout the game that we want to win,” Richter said.

Like kindergarten

Dartai said he did not really like the interruptions caused by international competitions, but this time it was good for us. By the end of August there were a lot of changes in the team. Many players did not participate in the actual production in the slightest. Accordingly, point yields are moderate, with six points from seven games.

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Now the coach had two more weeks to work peacefully with the team. He did it very subtly: “Sometimes it was like kindergarten: where you want to go, what you want to do.”

The result was impressive and immediately the table looks friendly. Had he failed in Frankfurt, Hertha would have slipped to expelled standards and been adorned with more unrest in the environment. Now the Berliners are still a few points behind on Dorton’s plan, but feel their way towards midfield. “Nine points is not bad. If you win the next game, that’s the score that reflects reality.”

Frankfurt’s victory will provide a positive boost – but the team will need to improve against Borussia Munchengladbach on Saturday. Lucas Duchard may disappear again, leaving him paralyzed for three to ten days due to an ankle problem. Dardai insisted several times: “We must not leave now.”