Abyss Pepe Meyer’s response follows Rocca’s reference to the demolition of the bridge between De Maria and Calur: மான It is grotesque and absurd for those on duty to represent news publishing companies from the province. As usual, one is blamed for covering up one’s mistakes. Where were they before the Delrio Act? Was it 7 years ago? They asked those who were there before this administration, certainly not those who took office two years ago and did everything in their power. They asked themselves because they are always the same.
The tone used by the region is the same as that of the Exusadio no Petida, the Acuosatio Manifesto. If the province of Benevento is unable to use its own planning and available resources, it would be better to give mayors the power to intervene instead of downloading issues.
In fact, nothing can be read about the actions taken, only the list of available sources. What was done after March 15 this year, after the announcement of the disaster situation created by the Abyssinian municipality and after a joint inspection with the supervisor who decided to proceed very urgently? The province is quiet or even worse trying to divert attention.
The province of Benevento and its representatives are more committed to bringing water to their palace plant than to guaranteeing the security of the area in charge. President de Maria responded on the basis of merit instead of the usual whining and assembled an organizational table advertising hoard to address the region’s weakness issues.

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