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Download Fortnite Employee Files: How to Complete the Challenge

Download Fortnite Employee Files: How to Complete the Challenge

Quests and Challenges

Download Fortnite Employee Files: How to Complete the Challenge



The current season of Fortnite is almost at its peak, but you still have some work to complete on behalf of Seven. This week, in the heart of buried public servants, you must complete a small penetration mission.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is almost over. There are still some stealth missions to help seven people. This week you need to dig into the archives on IO systems. You can find these machines at the heart of the one-place buried command on the map protecting teeth and nails by Dr. Sloan’s allies.

Where can I find older IO servers?

There are exactly three computers where you can download target data. Everything is in buried headquarters, which will appear fully on your map, and it will fly through a zeppelin. For simplicity, we recommend hitting the system located under the giant air vent east of that location.

  • Enter the public servants buried through the giant ventilation tunnel indicated on the map.
  • Once you go through the door below the fireplace, go to the right and then through the vent.
  • Exit the lanes once on the right
  • You come to the room below with the big blue holographic planisphere.
  • The computer is in the room!
  • Press “next entry” every time and download the whole thing!

Note that once you enter the buried headquarters, a white exclamation mark will appear on your mini-map to activate the system. In the last weeks of the season, many players are likely to descend on buried command to complete challenges. If you do not want to be disturbed during your maneuver, nothing will stop you from going to the scene after a while in the game.

Fortnite never fell short of ideas that would surprise its community. Epic Games is currently preparing to use a partnership with Pac-Man, one of the most popular (and ancestral) arcade games of all time.

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