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Peak of stars falling up to 100 meteors in an hour. We tell you where to look (video)

Astronomy: The peak of stars that will soon fall to 100 meteors in an hour. We tell you where to look for them (video)

It has passed Night in San Lorenzo (August 10), An extraordinary astronomical phenomenon that plunges us into a unique situation Meter heating Yellow to red, blue to green. A painting drawn by nature conveys emotions and suggestions that are always associated with rituals and dreams. Maybe someone has seen a few shooting stars, maybe a dozen, but if they could see hundreds, wouldn’t it still be beautiful?
Although it is very popular to shoot the stars on the night of August 10th, it would not be very useful to watch many of them fall. In fact, for many years That night Which can be observed Peak The Perseid mass is moving over time August 12 to 13. They can even be seen tonight 100 shooting stars in an hour.
In the period from July 25 to August 16, it will pass Percussion meteor shower. This occurs when the Earth, during its revolutionary journey, passes through debris and dust clouds left by comets in orbit around the Sun (in this case the comet Swift-tuttle)

Why are they called Perseids?

The reason is stated immediately. The shooting stars appear to have come from the constellation Perseus, which is located just below Andromeda’s equally famous galaxy (regular stars in W shape or inverted M). Although meteorites can be seen throughout the sky, they are mostly visible only in parts of Perseus (northern horizon).

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But what are the conditions for seeing them in the best possible way?

To see the stars you do not need special equipment and do not need to know how to recognize the stars, but it is necessary to take some essential precautionary measures.
Here are some of them:

Find the dark spot. It is necessary to detect the conditions of the dark sky, observe the shooting stars with a wide view and expand the possibilities for enjoying the show.

Give yourself some time. Saying that may seem too obvious, but we should not rush. Be very patient and wait for the eyes to adjust to the darkness, which will allow you to see many more stars and meteors.

Prefer beach or lawn. This way you will get the perfect view of the whole night sky. Of course we are talking about isolated beaches, far from seaside resorts, often glowing in the evening.

How to be Weather In Italy? Updated forecasts here.
According to the latest updates, the weather will be nice in the coming days and until the weekend, and the evening will be warm and pleasant. The sky will be clear and starry.
Good view!

The peak of the falling stars comes after the night of San Lorenzo