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PDF sample to download for travel

PDF sample to download for travel

Inside Santo Stefano Disabling: Even today, on all the “red” days of festivals (but not only), the volumeSelf-certification. It is always offered only on “red” days and sometimes “orange” days. Another important rule is that if you visit friends and relatives (two children under the age of 14 at most) you should not write the names of the people you visit on the form. But let’s go in order.

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Download the form here

Red days

The form (fill in if possible, do it at home in a quiet moment) will always be taken with you when you leave the house on red days: today and tomorrow 27 December, 31 December to 3 and 5 and 6 January. These days we always remember to leave your home only for work, health and urgent needs, which should be mentioned on the form. To avoid stories, bringSelf-certification Even if you run in the park, even if you go to the masses.


If for serious reasons you have to go out during a curfew order from 10pm to 5am, the self-certificate still needs to be filled out for all reasons. It is essential if you are returning to your apartment from a second home. This trip – not during the curfew order – is always allowed, even on “red” days, but it is best to indicate the address of residence or residence on the form.

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