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PCs and Xbox Consoles integrate xCloud with “Try Before Downloading”

Microsoft has released several announcements around the evolution of its cloud gaming service. Coming directly to XCloud’s consoles and PCs, Microsoft is talking about new possibilities for Xbox gamers.

Xbox Game Pass on PC with XCloud

Xbox Game Pass on PC with XCloud // Source: Frontroid

While waiting for its big Xbox Bethesda conference on E3 scheduled for June 13th, Microsoft has been providing a lot of information on its roadmap for cloud gaming. Kareem Chowdhury, head of cloud gaming infrastructure at Microsoft, described several strong announcements for changes in the service.

Native integration into consoles and the computer

Access to Microsoft Tracking Xbox Game Pass, through cloud gaming, on all imaginary media. Today the service is mainly available on Android and on beta web versions on PC and Apple devices. Tomorrow, it will be available on connected TVs (or not) and on live media created by Microsoft.

Microsoft targets all screens

Microsoft targets all screens

Kareem Chaudhry is really announcing it ” Later this year, we will add cloud gaming directly to the Xbox app on the PC and integrate it with our console experiences. “. The interest in the first announcement may seem obvious. It will allow Xbox games to play pass games even from a PC that does not have the power to run them.

Possible new views possible thanks to this integration

This mystery did not last long as Kareem Chaudhry mentions that it will allow. Enable all types of displays, such as “Try before downloading” “Here, he’s actually talking about one of Microsoft’s big issues with the Xbox Game Pass: gaming access. It does not push users to try and find games.

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By integrating cloud gaming directly into Xbox consoles, we can imagine getting started directly to test a game with a single click on streaming. If the link allows, you can download the game and start playing it in the background. The friction disappears. This advantage is also found in gaming PCs, which benefit by integrating it into the Xbox app for the same displays.

But which consoles?

Kareem Chaudhry never mentioned in his comments that they would be consoles that could benefit from this integrated experience. Apparently, we first think about the Xbox Series X and S, which are the latest to date and benefit from an update like this. Thanks to the announced update of the XCloud servers, it will allow the Xbox Series S to test games on the Series X version.

Xbox One S and Xbox One X can access xCloud

Xbox One S and Xbox One X can access xCloud // Source: Microsoft

But the most interesting question is the imaginary arrival of xCloud on the Xbox One. Today, Microsoft is constantly updating the layout of its old consoles. If the company offers this update and integrates its next gen cloud gaming service directly into the consoles, the benefit will be immediate. On the one hand, consumers do not need to change their console to a new model if they do not want to. On the other hand, it means that Xbox One, which is much larger than the Xbox series, can theoretically get the next-generation games through Cloud Gaming. So a function that greatly facilitates negotiations with game developers.