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PC-Aufräumer 2021: Efficient File Deployment for Windows

PC-Aufräumer 2021: Efficient File Deployment for Windows

Is it possible to find only files on the desktop using the search function? Is your download folder exploding smoothly? You need PC Cleaner 2021! The brilliant program frees you from hard work, automatically sorts files into the appropriate Windows folder, and keeps USB drives in order. Computer Built shows how this works.

Download PC-Aufräumer (computer built-in version)

Automatically clean folders and drivers

After installing the program, you will find a funnel-shaped target area on the desktop. For example, if you drag a word file into it, it will immediately end up in the Documents folder on the hard drive or in a folder of your choice. Because the program extension recognizes more than 300 file types and expands them as needed, it not only archives documents but also music, videos or images in the appropriate Windows folder. Not only that: since the “Desktop” and “Downloads” folders can easily get out of order, the program organizes them automatically – just a click of the mouse. This way you can bring any other PC directories, USB sticks, or external hard drives in order, for example sync automatically when connecting a USB stick or your camera memory card from work. You can learn how all of this works in the following guide.

How to use PC cleaner

Including the copy deletion function

PC Clean-Up has an integrated copy detection that not only saves you time but also saves storage space. Because when moving, the program will automatically convert identical files to the target folder. Don’t worry – renamed or renamed files will definitely be retained. If you wish, you can use the PC cleaner to archive files as zip files in space storage mode and create your own sorting rule to automatically delete old files in some folders. In the main window, the program shows not only the number of files that have been organized so far, but also how much time and space the software has already saved for you.

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PC Cleaner 2021: New Functions

Compared to PC-Cleaner 2020, the developers have improved the new version in two ways.

  • Priority: You can now decide for yourself the order of the sorting rules.
  • Training: The program now demonstrates the basic functions in the explanatory video.

Since previous version 2020, the software has automatically placed desktop links to the target folders used so that the sorted files can be quickly detected – this functionality can be removed by removing the “target link source” in the respective rules.

Open PC Cleaner for free

Tuning: PC Cleaner (computer built version)

Computer built versions and download special editions

PC Cleaner will then start with the video tutorial you came up with X. Click left. If necessary, you can open the instructions at any time by clicking on the gear. Important: PC Cleaner reports any updates to the window bar. In that case, click the small icon next to “Install Now” and restart the program. You can open the main window by clicking X. To the end. The program is active in the background and monitors your computer.

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