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Patronsino dumping garbage on farm road: Assaulted and reported by Forest Police

Improper waste management incidents are on the agenda, with vehicles plying around the area loading and unloading various types of waste, both in rural and urban suburbs.

The last event of this kind was, chronologically, in the Montenegro district, outside the capital, in an agricultural and residential area, where a truck overturned a container to place construction waste (demolition waste) on a farm road.

The owner of the vehicle, 57-year-old CL, was referred to the Princy’s Attorney’s Office for special hazardous waste disposal, in accordance with Art. 256, paragraph 2, “Integrated Environment Act” (Legislative Order No. 152 of 2006); Although the truck was registered with the Environmental Managers’ Register, it was improperly used to carry debris, clusters and tiles without identification to a farm road. According to the transporter, action was requested by the owner of the nearby land to renovate the road, all of which apparently without minor approval.

The Carabinieri Forest Department is still investigating the origin and function of the waste, but in the meantime, in addition to the criminal report already sent to the Judicial Commission, they continued to seize the truck and the pieces criminally. They unloaded waste that was 30 meters long and 2 meters wide.

The offender can be fined between 2,600 and 26,000 euros or arrested for 3 months to 1 year; However, since this is a hazardous waste, by paying an equivalent amount of ,500 6,500 (within 30 days) one can choose the administrative definition of the offense and restore the status of the seats within any terms. Oath, not exceeding 90 days.

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